Ecoeats only signs independent restaurants.

We seek out only fantastic indie restaurants in terms of quality of food and community values.

We define independent restaurants as those owned by person(s) or a business with less than 10 restaurants, or those that are not a national household name.

Businesses that grow past this after signing may remain on the platform. This includes listing their new restaurants. Here's why:

Some of our restaurant partners, most of whom joined ecoeats with just one restaurant, have the ambition to grow. Our purpose is to support every independent restaurant owner to achieve their dream for their business, whether that's creating the best cafe in town, or bringing their concept to new communities.

We are unshakeable on our principle to fairly support the smallest restaurant (it, together with sustainability, is why ecoeats was founded).

  • We will never raise prices for the smaller restaurants to subsidise better deals for big chains.

  • If two indie restaurants that meet our criteria approach us at the same time in the same town, the exact same deals will be available to both, regardless of their market power.

  • All partners are offered a simple, transparent and fair deal.

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