🥗 Placing an Order

Step 1: Placing the address pin

When ordering through ecoeats, we ask you to indicate your location to us by dropping an address pin on a map as well as by entering your full address.

It's really important to ensure your address pin is accurately placed so that your ecorider can be paid fairly for their work.

Disparities between addresses and map pins can also cause your ecorider to get lost and lead to your order being late. We understand that mistakes happen, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with Customer Support if you've misplaced the address pin for an order in progress.

Adding items to your basket

Enabling Reusables

An ecoeats order isn't complete without getting your order delivered in reusable packaging. We'll pick it up after you've eaten.

Adding Allergy Notes

Paying for my order

You can pay for your order using your debit or credit card. 

All payments are made securely via Stripe. You can save your payment details, so that you can make new orders in just a few taps after that!

If you experience any payment issues or wish to seek a refund for any reason, please contact our Customer Support specialists via 


.  Our partners cannot make refunds or adjust payments on behalf of ecoeats.

Tracking my order

You can track  your order live through the ecoeats app and at


When you submit your order, a screen will appear showing an estimated delivery time and a map. The map will allow you to track your ecorider's movements once they are assigned.

If you close the screen and want to check back on your order later, you can do this by going to your account and finding the order in the list of your previous orders.

Getting to the order tracker from the orders list