University of St Andrews students Phil and Stewart cooked up ecoeats to make takeaway better.

It came about from Phil's experiences talking to independent restaurant owners whilst working with Deliveroo.

Independent restaurants frequently told us they felt disadvantaged and exploited by the multinational delivery apps which give better deals to the national chains.

Deliveroo, for example, have been reported to charge indie restaurants business-crippling commissions of up to 42%.



In the early days, Stewart built the technology in his dorm, while Phil managed the operations.

We've had amazing support from the communities of St Andrews and Dundee and our angel investor which we're incredibly grateful for and has enabled us to invest in improving our service.

We're doing takeaway differently; we only sign independent restaurants, we give them a fair deal and we deliver in a way that's better for the planet.

And it's only possible because of our incredible customers, so thank you!