• Independent businesses lose as much as 35% to the big three takeaway delivery apps.

  • Over time this is leading to a less unique high street as independent businesses struggle to compete with the big chain restaurants which typically benefit from much better deals than their independent competitors.

  • An Ecoeats founding principle is to offer the fantastic deals big chains can command to independents.

  • We provide the same set of amazing deals to independent businesses and chains alike.

  • Independent restaurants make up to 4x the profit from an order through Ecoeats compared to one placed through one of the big three delivery apps.

  • Marketing by the big three delivery apps is frequently skewed towards big chains.

  • Ecoeats treats all merchant partners fairly by making all marketing opportunities equally accessible.

  • That's a win for characterful and unique local high streets, a win for sustainability, a win for small businesses in your community, and a win for you. Your time is precious, and that's why we've done it without sacrificing your convenience.

    Download the app and make the switch to Ecoeats to support your local, protect your environment and get delicious convenience. Go guilt free today!