When placing orders with ecoeats, some fees are charged to make it possible to deliver your food with zero emissions, pay your delivery Rider for their time and process card payments.

🚵 Delivery Fee

The delivery fee helps to pay your rider for their time. Your delivery fee is higher if it will take longer for a rider to deliver the food to you. Certain restaurants may choose a plan that will set the delivery fee higher.

Sometimes, when Riders are very busy, delivery fees are increased to encourage more Riders to deliver.

🎟 Service Fee

Funds our mission to give indie restaurants, polar bears, and eventually turtles, a fairer deal!

Collection Orders


Delivery Orders

10% of your basket value with a minimum of 49p and a maximum of £2.99.

📖 Small Order Fee

Your basket needs to be a certain size before it is economical for delivery. The minimum order value may be different for different restaurants as determined by their plan preference. If your basket is worth less than the minimum order value, a small order fee is added. Just add more food & drink to your basket to remove this fee!